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Rui sincerely invites professors from media university to carry out the lecture training of


On February 18, 2019, Professor Zhou Yan of Communication University of China was invited to Ruicheng advertising to give a lecture on the theme of marketing integration reform and trend exploration for our colleagues. Ruicheng advertising leaders and all staff listened to the lecture carefully.


Professor Zhou Yan interprets the lecture "marketing integration reform and trend exploration" step by step from three parts: the background of marketing reform, new combination elements, new marketing model and the practice of marketing integration. Professor Zhou Yan's lecture is simple and vivid. Through this lecture, the employees of Ruicheng advertising have a more accurate understanding of "marketing". The theme lecture of marketing integration reform and trend exploration also gives us a clearer direction on how to do "marketing" in the future.

Ruicheng advertising has long insisted on continuous exchanges and cooperation with famous universities, research institutions and industry-leading talents, and always pays attention to the industry trends. It aims to constantly improve itself, advance and transform, and provide more professional services for customers with more advanced ideas through experience exchange, professional lectures and other ways. With a more open mind, adhering to the concept of win-win cooperation, Ruicheng will continue to strengthen communication and interaction with talents in the industry, based on the development of the industry, constantly enhance its professionalism and give full play to its advantages. Rely on professional data system, integrate all media resources, with more advanced ideas and professional services to help customers spread their brands.


Ruicheng advertising will continue to provide customers with better integrated marketing communication and content project marketing services. Ruicheng always insists on using better service, more comprehensive resources and more accurate communication strategy to help the brand communication of customers. In 2019, Ruicheng will forge ahead, work together with customers to win-win results and open up a new journey.