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Start again in 2019! No spell! Where can we win? ——Ruicheng advertising theme annual meeting ended s


Ruicheng advertising theme annual meeting was held on January 22 at the Beijing Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Because we work hard together, we gather in Ruicheng; we embrace the heart of struggle, and continue to forge ahead in 2019! In the course of industry reform, we are never trapped by the times and face it with hard work. Every time we strive for perfection, we just want to make the "advertiser" more brilliant. In 2018, we will be down-to-earth. In 2019, we will be brave to fight and innovate!


Start again in 2019! No spell! Where can we win? The curtain of the annual meeting opens, let's go into our theme annual meeting together! We have prepared a variety of trampoline games and an annual dinner party for our kids. This annual meeting is not only to mark the end of 2018, but also to open a new chapter for 2019. Let's see how wonderful this year will be!

Let's have a good time together. Let's have a look at the eagerness of our friends. It seems that everyone is very interested in and looking forward to the annual meeting.


After a short drive, we arrived at the first stop of this annual meeting, the ultimate space trampoline theme park that people are looking forward to. The dazzling project of trampoline hall makes the kids eager to try, put on the sportswear, the whole trampoline hall is yours! Let's show our skill and see who can play best~


Let's do preparations together! Ready to take part in the dazzling project~


We're going to start trampoline. Everyone is smiling.~


Let's see who's the tallest. Have a wonderful dunk!


Let's have a trampoline that let us fly. It's all on the wall.~


Who lost himself in the ocean pool and who saved you?~


Do you think trampoline is the only one in trampoline hall? We also held a competition. Don't step on it wrong! See who's the fastest!

The trampoline is finished. We are going to go to the annual meeting. After a short drive, we arrived at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Hotel in Beijing. My friends can't wait to change their clothes. Let orange king take you to enjoy the wonderful annual dinner party.


high-end and classy! That's us!


Happy and auspicious and special! It's us too!


Left hand "team", right hand "entrepreneur", Ruicheng has been on the way~


I can hardly recognize such a beautiful girl! Are you still working overtime in the company?

Let's have a look at our host! The male is beautiful and the female is graceful~

For the company, our leaders have more expectations and expectations, Ruicheng will continue to work hard and make greater achievements in 2019!

Thank you for leading Ruicheng! We summarize 2018 and look forward to 2019. Start again! We are serious!

After listening to the leader's plan for the next year, all my friends are confident in 2019! Next is our award ceremony. We have prepared big awards for you who have worked hard for a year!

How many ten years of life, you accompany Ruicheng to go through ten years of ups and downs, Ruicheng is proud of you!

Every reward is a compliment from my friends! It's an affirmation of your work in one year!

This thick bonus is to thank you for Ruicheng! Keep fighting!

After listening to the work plan, we got a thick bonus. We also carefully prepared games for our partners. How can we miss these wonderful games?

It's hard to say, so we have to rely on body movements.~

It's so hard to guess, big guy!

It's great to cooperate with invincible!

Next, please enjoy "Ruicheng drama academy", saying you don't believe it, let's see how everyone behaves!

Guess who got the fake drink?

It's such a good performance one by one, it's a big head off the stage.~

Guess wrong again! This is about to catch up with the real monkey king!

Dinner party! Of course, let's have a look at our dinner today!

Our beautiful Lin always gives us a toast! Everyone who has worked hard for a year! But we should accept the hospitality well.~

My friends are talking about work and life together.~

Pour a glass of wine to you after a year's hard work~

The company has not yet come to talk freely, and it has been realized today.~

Let's toast Ruicheng and celebrate a better tomorrow!

Happy time is always short, and the annual meeting is coming to an end. This day is full of laughter and cheers. Let's cheer up. Let's say goodbye to 2018 with joy and gratitude, and finish the annual meeting with laughter and games. Ruicheng will continue to fight in 2019! Start again in 2019! No spell! Where can we win?

In 2019, Ruicheng will join hands with you to embark on a new journey, and show its brilliance in the commercial sea of advertisements! Come on, Ruicheng!