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Surprise Ruicheng Christmas gift, light up a happy Christmas


"Jingle, jingle, jingle" ~ "the annual Christmas is coming again.

In this day that should have been snowy and romantic, 

"stubborn" emperor is not snowing! No snow! No snow!

Of course, it doesn't matter. Santa Claus is still in his elk sleigh, 

quietly bringing us surprise gifts. How excited!


WOW! So many ~ ~

The students received the call and had already lined up a long line.

Despite the superficial waves, the small universe has exploded in a bang and bang, 

ready to welcome their own special gifts! Right, right?


Shake the number! Everyone has received their own number cards,

 and will receive their own gifts soon, in addition to excitement, or excitement!

First of all, the announcement of super super big award, 

we have a beautiful fairy fairy picked up the vivinevo perfume gift box, 

not too lucky, this Christmas is more than a surprise.

It's important to protect your body when it's warm. 

(Aha, warm baby is really warm.)

Keke, there are so many delicious food.

 It seems that we can't hide our food attributes! 

But why can't we all eat fat?

 Our little brothers and sisters are so handsome and beautiful!

(according to reliable news, the beef jerky is super delicious!)

Who hasn't lived a beautiful little angel yet?

Yaha ~ 

it's said that red wine and cigars are more suitable for Christmas when it doesn't snow~


Emmmmmmm ~ I heard it's because the gift is too big, so···


Love Ruicheng, lovely Christmas~

Finally, all the students of Ruicheng sincerely wish you all the best.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!