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Ruicheng won two awards of the international advertising award of 2019iai


On May 8, 2019, the IAI International Creation and enjoyment Festival jointly sponsored by China Commercial Advertising Association, National Advertising Research Institute and Advertising College of China University of media opened in China University of media. With the theme of "challenge uncertain, innovation 2019", this International Innovation Festival invites famous experts and tycoons from various fields at home and abroad, such as brand circle, marketing circle, advertising circle, media circle, etc. After 19 years of accumulation, IAI international advertising award has become one of the best domestic advertising marketing awards.

Ruicheng advertising, as a well-known comprehensive advertising and media service provider in China, was invited to attend the feast.


Great China content marketing company of the Year Award

In this IAI International Advertising Festival, Ruicheng advertising stands out among many participating companies by virtue of its professional services and strong practical ability, and won the 19th IAI International Advertising Award, the annual content marketing company award in Greater China.


Ruicheng advertising, based on the advertising industry, is committed to providing scientific and perfect integrated communication and marketing services for corporate brands. Ruicheng always adheres to the pursuit of a more comprehensive resource platform and better promotion effect to help enhance the brand and market value of customers and realize a win-win cooperation mechanism. At the same time, Ruicheng will rely on the professional media resources integration ability and professional data system to realize the customers' demands for content marketing in an all-round way and provide customers with one-stop integrated communication solutions.


IAI international advertising integrated marketing case Award

At this IAI International Creation and sharing Festival, Ruicheng advertising assisted China Mobile's "China Mobile & cool dog music strategy hand in hand integrated marketing" cooperation project, with one-stop in-depth promotion activities, has been effectively spread in all aspects, and won the 19th IAI International Advertising Award - integrated marketing case Bronze Award.


Ruicheng integrates multiple resources of cool dog music for China Mobile, helps it to accurately locate users of digital music in cooperation with cool dog music, covers young people, and promotes the business of video RBT and campus marketing. The use of kugou music users' demand for music business, in line with the user's habit of accepting new things, has attracted the attention and interaction of young audiences, and effectively improved the attention of young users to the brand.

In this integrated marketing, Ruicheng relies on one-stop in-depth promotion of drainage activities, carries out all-round accurate communication, obtains a large number of exposures in a short period of time, breaks through the prediction of the number of hits and exposures, achieves good and effective communication, and wins the consumer market of the mainstream young target population. At the same time, this part of consumer groups has growth, which lays the foundation for the high-end business of China Mobile in the future, and is conducive to cultivating customers' feelings and loyalty to the brand.


Ruicheng advertising always adheres to the pursuit of innovative content marketing service ability, strong purchasing negotiation ability and scientific media investment ability to provide services for customers. In the future, Ruicheng will wholeheartedly meet the needs of customers with higher standards, more professional division of labor, more ways and more practical measures. At the same time, Ruicheng is committed to providing customers with a more scientific brand communication strategy, fully realizing customers' demands for content marketing, helping customers break through the market, and achieving a comprehensive upgrade of services.

As an advertising company with more than ten years' development history and rich practical experience, Ruicheng advertising has acted as an agent of 235 national brands, covering 18 industries. Relying on professional data system, Ruicheng advertising integrates all media resources to provide customers with all media strategy customization, integrated marketing and other professional services. And has won many awards, such as China advertising Great Wall Award, Jinyuan award, Jinwang award, admen award, marketing innovation award, etc. The IAI international advertising award is the recognition of our profession, strength and service. The affirmation of the industry is the driving force for us to move forward. Ruicheng advertising is willing to work with you to make progress together in the future.