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Company Overview


Founded in 2003, we are an established advertising service provider in the PRC, primarily focusing on TV advertising services. Leveraging on our experience and expertise in TV advertising, we successfully diversified our service offerings to online and outdoor advertising services.

With the strong strategy formulation and data analytical capabilities and in-depth industry experience of our Group, we are able to provide a wide range of advertising services including data analysis, marketing strategy planning, advertising solution formulation, sourcing of advertising resources,overall coordination and/or execution, and evaluation of the effectiveness of the advertisements. We are committed to offering tailor-made advertising solutions to our customers through formulating customised proposals based on our analysis of market and industry data, which  could at the same time meet the budget and achieve the marketing objectives of our customers. Besides identifying and sourcing from the relevant suppliers, we are capable to monitor the execution and evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising solutions to ensure the effect of our advertising solutions could be maximised. We generally do not offer any advertising design services. The hard-sell TV advertisements are designed and produced by customers or third-party production firms on their behalf, and for soft-sell TV and online advertising services, our advertising proposals may contain suggestions or ideas on advertising slogans, subtitles and scenes to be implanted in variety shows and TV series, and the advertising text and graphic to be placed in online advertisements, which is part of our customised advertising solutions offered.

We pride ourselves on the strong market position we built up in the TV advertising media services market in the PRC since 2003. We ranked the tenth among approximately 5,000 TV advertising media service providers in the PRC in terms of TV advertising revenue in 2018, representing a market share of approximately 0.3% according to the CIC Report. Due to our in-depth experience and expertise in offering TV advertising services, we have received numerous awards such as the "19th IAI International Advertising Awards: Greater China Region Content Marketing Company of The Year" * (第十九屆IAI國際廣告獎—大中華區年度內容營銷公司) in 2019, the "ADMEN International Awards: Practice Case in Category of Digital Marketing Gold Award" (ADMEN國際大獎—整合營銷實戰金案獎)in 2018, the "Main Advertising Award of 2016 Great Wall Awards of China: Annual Golden Partner" (2016中國廣告長城獎廣告主獎—年度金夥伴)and the "Eighth China Advertising Golden Vision Awards: Enterprise with Best Marketing Innovation" * ( 第八屆中國廣告主金遠獎—最具營銷創新力企業) in 2016.

Taking advantage of our capability in formulating customised advertising solutions to our customers and our strong market position, we are experienced in providing advertising services to advertisers, or through their agents, from a wide spectrum of industries such as foods and beverages, household furnishing and electronics, internet and mobile games, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and automobile industries. We are able to maintain business relationships with various renowned national enterprises in the PRC, such as Wanglaoji Advertiser, the advertiser of a leading home appliances manufacturer in the PRC (headquartered in Qingdao), the advertiser of a leading kitchen appliances manufacturer (headquartered in Ningbo) and a state-owned enterprise which ranked top three in the telecommunications services industry in the PRC in terms of revenue in 2018.

Riding on our strong customer base, we are able to establish a strong presence in the TV advertising media services industry through maintaining long-standing relationships with our major TV station suppliers which are first-tier provincial satellite TV stations such as Jiangsu Radio and Television Group Co., Ltd.* (江蘇省廣播電視集團有限公司) ("Jiangsu TV") and leading provincial satellite TV stations in Hunan, Shanghai and Zhejiang. These long-established relationships give us competitive edge in securing valuable TV advertising resources such as TV advertising time slots during prime time and the rights to implant soft-sell advertisements in variety shows or TV series with high viewership and demand in renowned TV stations. For example, we successfully sourced advertising time slots during the broadcast of a singing contest through blind auditions among laymen in China in 2013, and a game variety show where the hosts and the guests were required to complete missions with running in order to win a competition in 2015 from a first-tier provincial satellite TV station in Zhejiang, and the rights to implant soft-sell advertisements for one of our major customers, the advertiser of a home appliances manufacturer headquartered in Qingdao, in (i) "Star Chef" 《星廚駕到》 from 2014 to 2016; (ii) "Xianchu Dangdao" * 《鮮廚當道》 in 2017; (iii) "Three Gardens" * 《三個院子》from 2017 to 2018; and (iv) "Knowledge is Power" 《知識就是力量》in 2018 from Jiangsu TV. Furthermore,due to our established relationships with these provincial satellite TV stations, we are able to consolidate TV advertising resources available and allow our customers to access a broad range of TV advertising resources from different TV stations.

We entered into first contract of our online and outdoor advertising services upon the request of our customers in 2011 and 2007, respectively. Due to the increasing demand for multi-channel advertising services and riding on our years of experience in the advertising industry, we expanded our online and outdoor advertising services in 2017. Leveraging on our experience in providing advertising services and our strong data analytical capabilities, we are able to identify the relevant suppliers possessing specific online and outdoor advertising resources, such as the rights to place advertisements on platforms such as search engines, websites, buildings and subways, to satisfy the demand of our customers. In particular for our online advertising services, we are capable of offering online advertising solutions to our customers through analysing the preference and behaviour of the internet users, the types and degree of online advertising services used by competitors of our customers, and the characteristics and effectiveness of various online platforms. Since then, we have been able to offer advertising solutions covering TV, online, outdoor and other types of advertisements to be placed on various platforms to address the diverse advertising needs of our customers. Advertising industry is characterised by rapidly changing environment and viewer preference. Our Group’s diversification to online and outdoor advertising businesses demonstrates our ability in adapting to the rapidly changing environment of the advertising industry in the PRC.